Joint-stock company «Toshkent shahar dori-darmon»

Report of the CEO

of financial – economic activity of the enterprise

of 2014


Tashkent                                                                                                                 May 1, 2015


Ziyaeva VV



Dear shareholders!

On the basis of signed by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan № 132 Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers №132 dated 11 March 1994 and a number of documents adopted by the government in January 3, 1995 Tashkent city production association “Pharmacy” was transformed into the State Joint Stock Association «Toshkent shahar Dori-Darmon» and registered with the Ministry of Justice for the number 523.

July 28, 2009 decision of the hokim Sabir Rakhimov district re-registered as an open joint stock company «Toshkent shahar Dori-Darmon».

In accordance with the Decree of the Government in early 2011, Sabir Rakhimov district renamed Olmazorsky and 12 January 2011 it was received a new registration certificate.

In connection with the introduction of changes and amendments to the Law “On Joint Stock Companies”, the word “open” has been abolished and issued Hokim Olmazorskogo District 4 September 2014 a new license № N 05-000380

One of the main objectives of the Company is – providing through its pharmacy network and storage, Tashkent city population, health facilities and pharmacies various forms of ownership, as well as their pharmacy quality drugs and medications, and as a result of sales of medications and drugs to earn revenue.

As of January 1, 2014 in the part of the society has a total 7 pharmacies, pharmacy 3 branch, warehouse (base) and Control Analytical Laboratory

JSC «Toshkent shahar dori-darmon» December 31, 2014 balances of the main financial indicators of the following:

Total costs 2128 543.2 thous. Soums.

including treatment costs: 1 406 421.4 thousand soum.

2014 Society Convert: 4229 756.3 thousand soum.

January 1, 2015 is the active part of the balance of 10 145 431 800 000. Soums.

The passive part, too, 10 145 431.8 soums.

Remains of medicines and drugs in society is as of January 1, 2015 4404 456.2 thousand soum.

The net profit of the Company in 2014 amounted to 25 876.2 thousand soum.

In 2013 received 31 596 500 soums of net income in 2014. The decision of the general meeting of shareholders, the payment of dividends in accordance not made, these funds are directed to the development of society.

In 2015, a measure to reduce the payables is one of the main objectives.

In order to improve the work of accounting in accordance with the time requirements of today equipped with modern computers and installed a modern accounting programs, and the internal systems used.

Department of Trade and Marketing.

2014 JSC «Toshkent shahar dori-darmon» signed a contract manufacturers and engaged in wholesale trade in Uzbekistan, in order to provide health care facilities and the city’s population is engaged in manufacturing and wholesale trade of Uzbekistan signed contracts with the company. Organizations operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan, joint ventures, production company was bought 11,795,857,690.2 sum of medicines and drugs and distributed in hospitals and pharmacies.

Existing enterprises and companies of Uzbekistan:

Over 2014 of the holding group «Uzmevasavzavotuzumsanoat» 2595 purchased dL ie 109,707,014.02 sums of ethyl alcohol, and have been sold to hospitals.

Balances in 2014 through a tender centralized drugs is 218,750,844.11 soums. 2014 on the basis of the tender bought the drug means 630058790,55sumov. During 2014 purchased medicines and products based on the distribution of the Tashkent city health departments in hospitals 848,576,589.57 soums. on 31.12.2014, the remains of these drugs is 233,045.09 soums

Remains of a limited price of 20 kinds of drugs on 01.01.2014, the amount to 2,540,043.0 soums. During 2014, another bought a limited price of 20 kinds of medicines 7808060.0 sums are distributed in hospitals and pharmacies 6191465.0 sum. on 01.01.2015, the remains of these drugs is 4,156,638.0 soums

During 2014 JSC «Toshkent shahar dori-darmon» 23optovyh engaged in private companies and enterprises, purchased drugs in total 1,666,962 938.03 soums

During 2014 JSC «Toshkent shahar dori-darmon» medicines purchased 121 205 430,00 sums which produced 7 companies included in the SJC “Uzfarmsanoat” system, and purchased a total of 183 300 300,00 drug producers who are not included in the SJC system “Uzfarmsanoat”

During 2014 JSC «Toshkent shahar dori-darmon» medicines purchased 4,335,513 464.87 soums of 8 foreign firms.

During 2014 JSC «Toshkent shahar dori-darmon» bought drugs from companies and LLC 343,482,677.0 sums included in the system of JSC “Dori-Darmon”.

During 2014 located in the city of Tashkent obstetric complex society 134806205,27sumov sold drugs

December 31, 2014 to 113 employees working in the community. Including 30 specialist, 25, a pharmacist and other employees of various professions. maintenance specialists of the highest category 3, 4 of the first category, the second category of personnel 1.

During 2014, the Company adopted the 1 and 9 specialist pharmacists.

According to the program the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan «Ustoz – shogird» a number of medical colleges in Tashkent on 2-3 courses of pharmaceutical faculty 84 students, 4 students of the Tashkent Pharmaceutical Institute practiced pharmacies society, and to ensure employment of graduates SHAYHONTOHUR Medical College Deputy Director-General participated in this event.


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